Graceful Resolution

Photo credit: google

I’m learning graceful ways; I’m unlearning incivility
I’m forgetting to slam the door; I’m remembering to say ‘thank you’
I’m sowing kindness and I’m reaping pleasantness
I’m being true and I’m smiling radiantly



I’m not slurping my soup: I’m twirling my spaghetti around my fork
I’m not taking the last sandwich: I’m eating quietly
I’m not heaping my spoon and I’m keeping my hands off the table
I’m not blowing my food and I’m using my napkin


Photo credit: Google

I’m waiting my turn; I’m not jumping the queue
I’m going on the green light, I’m zebra-crossing
I’m not littering the highway, I’m getting tidy
I’m taking the bridge; I’m not dashing across the street



I’m gentlemanly so the lady comes first
I’m chivalrous so she can have my coat
I’m genteel and I’m picking the tab
I’m flossing my teeth, I’m keeping clean

I’m not flirting but I’m friendly
I’m not strutting but I’m walking
I’m not lousy; I’m keeping it classy
I’m getting gracier and I’m getting better.


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