The Lady of Means

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A man is not a financial plan.

– Kim Kiyosaki.


You will have to agree with me that spending money is one of the easiest things to do, especially when it isn’t earned by the spender.


Hence, the popular phrase, ‘Easy money is soonest spent’.


Women have traditionally, relied on the men in their lives to fulfill every of their financial needs and this has majorly led to untold frustration on both sides because his limited earnings cannot satisfy her insatiable wants. Women can be so ignorant of their own earning ability that one will glance at her unpedicured feet and undone hair and say, ‘I need me some maga to fix these’.


Let me seize this opportunity to introduce to you the lady of means- who is responsible for satisfying her basic needs and who doesn’t just have money but earns it.

The lady that is not satisfied with being a rich man’s wife but interested in constituting a ‘Power Couple’.


Because the lady of means harnesses her earning power, certain privileges are peculiar to her.


·         She can pay her bills: Her phone bills, internet bills, make up bills are not too horrifying because she can pay them all off.


·         She can save: Because her expenses are less than her earnings, she is opportune to stockpile the difference as her savings.


·         She can invest: It is only the lady who earns her keep that can afford the wisdom of investment.


·         She can give: To tithing. To charity. To friends. To family. While the dependent woman seeks aids for her gratification, the lady of means can spare a thought for others.


·         She can splurge: It is a blessing to be able to afford what you desire no matter how pricey. A spa treatment is not too luxurious of a reward when you’ve worked so hard after all.


·         She can manage: Even though she can afford to splurge occasionally, the lady of means hesitates not at all to regulate her expenses to suit her financial position. Should there be insufficient material when she is cutting her coat according to her size, she is clever enough to ‘slim down’ to manage the material.

·         She can bargain: This lady is not ashamed to take advantage of her superior bargaining power to acquire goods nor is she ashamed of patronizing stores on sale if she has to.


·         She can set big goals: There is so much you can aspire to have or be whilst consistently relying on another’s source of income. Your goal is a function of your financial dependence or independence. Who else will like to buy that Bugatti Veyron?


A lady may not always be as self sufficient as she wants to be but she is so proactive that she is responsibly dependent.

There may be bonus sources of income for her (perhaps occasional assistance from her beau) but she does not dwell on the bonus and downplay her earning power.

The lady of means can make her financial plans without subscribing to shady means or compromising her standards.


There is not a better time to be female than in an age where financial prosperity is a respecter of no gender.


If there is one thing the global and national economy can tell a woman, it is this- your financial freedom is in your own hands!

‘…….All the ladies truly feel me, throw your hands up at me…..’


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