The Lady vs. The babe: The Ultimate Showdown!

One similarity. Two characters. Many differences.



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Besides the feminine gender they share (which of course includes the basic feminine features), there’s no profound similarity between a lady and a babe.

A babe represents popularity but a lady, polish.

The comprehensive contrast between a lady and a babe is highlighted below.

·         First sight is insight: The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed is a maxim many of us are familiar with and it couldn’t be more aptly applied than when distinguishing a babe from a lady.

With little or no dressing guidelines, the babe practices parrot fashion- just about anything that makes a splash is wearable.

From tattered jeans to hot pants, so long as it’s the ‘in-thing’. The lady on the other hand is a deliberate dresser, balancing the requirements of polish and taste as she displays her fashion sense.

A lady can be likened to a queen, a babe, to a mannequin.

And the same goes for the kind of attention they draw.

People like to glimpse a mannequin to admire her toned, taut body or clothes while people struggle to view a queen to admire her grace, poise, intellect and so much more.

One attention is vain, the other is substantial.

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A lady can afford the attention she doesn’t get in scanty clothes through her mien, dignity, grace and a hundred other ways- she’s rich like that while a babe concentrates most of her effort (if not all) on her appearance and this is not surprising as this is her strongest point.

A babe uses the ‘trending’ yardstick when building a wardrobe but a lady employs the ‘moderation’ yardstick in building hers

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·         Attitude of the first magnitude: In all fairness, the babe is also a queen in her own way, especially in drama.

If you miss her in appearance, you won’t in attitude.

She’s quite exhibitionistic which complements her appearance.

Ever the superficial type, she’s snobbery inclined and quick to judge others based on her own fickle terms.

Conversely, a lady is rich in charisma, she’s down to earth, and she’s gracious as she’s dignified. She’s got tons of personality. You’ve got to give it up for the lady!

·         Revealing Mien: Don’t be surprised that even a woman’s mien can tell on her, whether she’s a babe or otherwise.

A babe is just being herself when she walks provocatively, pushes her hips out while standing or crosses the legs at the knees all in the effort to flaunt whatever.

Her extreme opposite however is equally in keeping with her nature by walking smartly, assuming a dignified stance and crossing her legs appropriately at the ankles.

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·         Hygiene: Hygiene is a relative condition and as such is often misused.

What a babe calls hygiene, a lady calls filthy because a gradient in standard exists between the two.

The hygiene of a babe is very much cosmetically restricted while that of a lady is thorough and genuine.

A babe may repeat clothes successively but a lady is better than that by her innate standards. It always beats me when I see a well dressed woman spitting or displaying other unhygienic acts brazenly in public.

Nowadays, I don’t spare it a thought anymore; I think to myself, she must be a babe.

·         Intellectual soundness: A babe is mostly all about noise and colour.

A lady is about substance and style (both qualities are not necessarily mutually exclusive). Intellectually, a babe appears brighter than she actually is but a lady always beats expectations.

If the requirement for being a lady was based on physical appearance only, a babe might stand a chance but because the requirement is intellectually demanding, her cover is herewith blown.

Tall or short, thick or thin, fair skinned or dark-skinned, pretty or plain a lady is a lady. Superficial qualities do little in defining her. Her essence is based more on the abstract.


5 thoughts on “The Lady vs. The babe: The Ultimate Showdown!

  1. Tiwa Bankole 04/09/2013 — 19:56

    Very articulately written.Am lookin 4ward to being a better lady.thumbs up

  2. Natasha Jay. 04/09/2013 — 20:44

    A lovely & typical article.. But I don’t agree with some of the points made.

  3. holuwakemmy 05/09/2013 — 16:29

    Waoh….a wholesome read in a little time…bravo for this!

  4. Nyc 1! Thumbs up!

  5. I loved this. The showdown…lol. More babes than ladies these days. It probably has to do with the existence of more guys than men. Guys like splash and color and babes will bend over backward or forward just so they can preen and strut their colorful feathers for these ‘guys’. Afterall, a little attention never hurt anybody they say, until they became attention-holics.

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