Just For The Record

    I am the woman, black and proud
    I am towering high in the cloud
    I am quiet, i am strong, I am  loud
    I am sworn to originality, I’ve vowed
    Tho I’m shaken, I’m unbowed.

    I am the woman, the super
    I am the caterer, the keeper
    I am the one, the helper
    I am generous with my temper
    As I am with my pepper

    I am a woman, a diva
    Twice a giver as a receiver
    Shaken together, running over
    Wider than the ocean, deeper than the river
    The kindness of a diva lasts forever

    I am the woman, the special
    The statuesque, the royal
    The unique, the sensational
    The dame, the lady of a lord
    I am a woman, just for the record.


3 thoughts on “Just For The Record

  1. Lovely piece.

  2. Erin Fowowe 31/05/2013 — 21:07

    Lovely piece. Truly genius

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