‘New year resolution’

Hello! I welcome you heartily. This is my debut blog and I think a new year is a good time to start out. Talking of the new year, it’s not strange to hear of ‘new year resolutions’ in this season(I’m sure you’ve made yours).This debut blog features Cordelia’s. Here it is.

The beeping sound the washing machine produced was the first thing to remind Cordelia of her environment. She opened her eyes surprised and glanced at the wall clock in the kitchen- 2.08 am. The sleep overpowered her despite her resistance. She raised her head from the central kitchen table, straightened against the chair and let out a heavy sigh. Restoring the pen from its upside down position, she tried again. “New year resolution” she scribbled on the top of the page; it was the second to the last leaflet of her diary.
“1. A new job.” This one could not be overemphasized. Working in “The Civic bank” definitely had its perks but Cordelia was fast outgrowing them and did not deem them as highly as she once did. She would be better off in a Telecoms company which had even more perks and a flexible plan, especially shifts, it would be sooo much better. She was eyeing “Talk On” networks. The thought of it was fulfilling already…. An official apartment, tastefully furnished with a car, yearly vacation…with a slight shake of head she snatched her thoughts from there and wrote “2. A good husband” 29 is no age to raise ‘un-ringed’ holy hands in church while occupying the position of the longest serving president of singles’ fellowship. As if that didn’t serve enough as a reminder, Nkechi’s wedding coming up in February makes it the 7th time she is going to be the maid of honour while Constance, Ireti and Eno whom she hoped would serve as hers have gone ahead to secure the longed-for title- Mrs. Her eyes roamed over the kitchen as her thoughts over her wants. Her eyes then came to rest on her arms, now folded across her chest. “Mtcheew” Cordelia released an echoing hiss into the silent ambiance  That thing about fair-skinned girls being the most desirable was a myth. Here she was, as golden as the rising sun yet….huh! Her grandma probably stood a better chance. “3”Cordelia continued- ‘controlling my temper’. This was the fiercest demon in her life and has often hindered an impeccable record as a good customer service agent. It may effectively serve as the reason why no 2 on this ‘wish list’ has not been realised. The men of the 21st century don’t find a spit fire attractive-uh-uh; they were only desirable in historical romances. “You should enroll for a course in anger management” Jane had firmly suggested after she threw a screw jack at her neighbour (which he missed by a hair’s breadth) for parking his car two inches into her driveway. Cordelia shot Jane an angry look when she said that which was met with an innocuous expression on Jane’s face. Looking back now, Cordelia admitted that her best friend’s advice was more of candid than spiteful. Besides, that has been the most practical advice she’d received concerning her temper. Experts have aptly termed her kind of temper- characterised by throwing objects at people as ‘ angry girls’disease’ (A.G.D). Diseases exist to be cured, but this is one cure that is hard…but needful. The institution Jane suggested was the first of its type in this part of the country and is widely deemed as a funny farm; Cordelia was reluctant. Going there is like publicly identifying with the mentally challenged. Whoever said a new year resolution was an easy thing to do?
“4. Lose weight.” Cordelia never thought this could make it to her wish list until her scale put on ‘hazard lights’ seven weeks back- from 57kg to 68kg! That definitely required caution. It was time to get the dust off her trainers and put them to good use, a healthy weight was in sight. An adjustment of diet was obviously needed….taking the stairs rather than the elevator….. she thought. Shawarma? No more for now…hmm…pizza and coke? No! Whew! This is hard. Target weight in 3 months- 60kg.
When it was 4.17 am, a now- satisfied Cordelia headed for her bedroom. Not only did she enumerate the resolutions she desperately needed she also planned out a workable schedule to realize them. There was more to the new year- a new her.


3 thoughts on “‘New year resolution’

  1. Olusegun Ayodele 16/01/2013 — 21:26

    Nice. Good ,no,Great start .I agree.

  2. Quite enjoyed that read. 🙂

  3. Good write up! Keep it up

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